Giving it Your All!

I will never forget the way we played that night, although our opponent was ahead the majority of the match, and eventually won, our team knew that we could have beaten them. We had the skill and the athletic ability to overtake other players, but we were readily accepting this defeat as just one more loss. Our coach did everything to get us to realize that we could win, and at the close of the game, we knew we had not heard the last of it. Everyone seemed to know even before the game was over that our next practice would be the toughest,  True to our expectations, it was “hell” and we knew that future workouts were not going to get easier. We were, however, feeling exhilarated and we were beginning to realize how hard work can bring surprising good results, high spirits and unity.

I know now that this practice was what the team really needed to “light the fire” we all worked hard together, and the harder I worked the stronger and more positive I felt. We were all realizing that we are not just practicing to go through the motions. When we work our “tails” off in practice, then we should and really do deserve to win. It is by working hard and doing well that we build confidence and the spirit we need to get us ready both mentally and physically for the really tough competitions.

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