Power of Prayer

Anita was a young beautiful girl, living in an orphanage among other children. However, life was not easy, Anita and the other kids faced tough times growing up. There are times when they went for days without food and they survived with wild fruits, they had to walk long distances just to find water. The people from the villages sometimes brought food for them, but it was not enough. Anita had four special friends, they were the youngest in the orphanage and these five, stuck together no matter what, they shared everything no matter how small it was and they helped each other in everything they did.

They may have been the youngest but there was no day they went hungry, when there was no food at the orphanage, which was like every day, they would creep into someone’s garden like squirrels and with bare hands dig up cassava, sweet potatoes or nuts. Most farmers in that area grew maize, which was the worst nightmare for Anita and her friends. When the maize was half-grown, Anita and her friends wouldn’t dare go near that farm because they were afraid of snakes which were so common in the area, so they always avoided bush places.

It was a maize season, Anita and her friends had gone without food for two days except for the sweet smelling mud they had eaten earlier that day, when it rained. Even though they were starving, they couldn’t go near the maize. They sat down watching the farm from afar wishing a miracle could happen, they got tired and decided to play church, so they praised and worshiped and prayed for food  hoping to see Manna fall from heaven. Manna didn’t fall so they got tired and decided to go to the forest hoping they could find some fruits.

On their way, they realized no one was in the forest chopping firewood. So they gave up on their journey and decided to head back to the orphanage. But just as they were going back they realized Anita was running towards something, so they followed her. To their surprise, there was an alter under a big tree and there were ripe bananas, other fruits in a basket and some coins a couple of inches from the basket. They ate the bananas, took the rest along with the coins to the orphanage, it was their best day.

Ever since, Anita and her friends went to that tree every day and they always found money and food, it was their oasis in the desert, a couple of months later, Sponsors from Holland came to visit and the children never went hungry again. Anita and her friends remembered their prayer for Manna from heaven, It did fall much better than they ever expected and thus the power of prayer.


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