He was the frost that burnt her; he was the gravity that made her fly. He was her death, but nothing made her feel more alive… She not only fell in love with him, she fell in love and shattered. Her love was fierce and invincible. She gave every fiber of her being and the unseen soul, open raw to him. She drowned in his ocean and breathed his love alone.

But now he left her, she waits thinking she could see his reflection in her mirror again. She waits thinking she could wake up in the morning, feeling his warm breath, gently tickling her face again. He was the sadness that made her smile, a pleasure that tortured.

And she was the scream that never was heard, her scars are only blemishes. There is a place in her, where his fingerprints still rests, his kisses still linger, where his whispers still echo. There is a place where a part of him will forever be a part of her; He is the reason she’s placed a semicolon instead of a full stop 😦.

I don’t really know what love is, but all I know is there are smiles you never get tired of seeing, some hands you never want to let go, some memories you never get bored recalling, some presences you can never get enough of and some absence that hurt too much to ignore.There are many kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice, there are some infinities that are longer than forever, so was her love, it could never be defined because to define is to limit


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